Turkish Tea Jazz Suite

Why Turkish Tea Jazz Suite

For us, Turks, tea has a very important place in our lives. After working hard we drink tea as a Rest Tea. We name it as Joy Tea when we are happy. We have a definition of one glass of tea corresponding to every situation of our souls. Tea is a symbol for Turkish hospitality…
While me and my friends from aboard sailing around Kaş (Phelos- one of my favourite place in Turkey) we had this conversation. They told me “Tea is very important for you Turks; you drink tea while you laugh, you settle down with a glass of tea after a quarrel…” Thus it came out the name of our album “Turkish Tea Jazz Suite”

I have performed concerts all over the world. I have played several compositions of composers sometimes with orchestras and sometimes in chamber. After a while to play something different I have begun to make arrangements.. During these trials my own compositions began to show up. In two or three months these compositions in harmony formed a jazz sound album.

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My Name is Istanbul

Four holy elements and the principle of Creation …

Mankind has kept searching for the first substance, the first creator and the first cause of what he saw around him since he began to study the nature and the roots of the being. These searches led them to philosophy and science.

Everything we can see with our eyes is created from Earth, Air, Water and Fire;

Researching the reasons of existence by staying out of religion and mythology began for the first time in Ancient Greece. Thales had named this main substance as “water” while Anaksimandros used “apeiron/infinite, Anaksimenes “arkhe/air” and finally Empeklodes had been the first philospher who added the “soil” to the main structures of universe; “water”, “fire” and “air”. The driving forces which merges and seperates these four main substances are love and hatred …

This work is a musical answer to the essence of the universe that humans had kept questioning through the ages …

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Mersin Flute Concerto

Mersin Flute Concerto

1. Orange Gardens and Blackbird

It reflects composer’s concerns for the future and the sarrow of the orange gardens which are destroyed because of miss settlement through the years. The natural wealth of the region is mentioned by the thematic bird sounds.

2. Cleopatra Gate / Tarsus

Underlines the historical wealth of the area by redefining the ancient city where the great love between Cleopatra and Antonius had been lived and caused many stories, articles, and movies for the centuries.

3. Spoon Dance / Silifke

Duet of the flute and the castanet carries the folkloric values of the area in the wings of a partridge. How nice a town’s name is crowned by a musical artwork!

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