Turkish Tea Jazz Suite

Why Turkish Tea Jazz Suite

For us, Turks, tea has a very important place in our lives. After working hard we drink tea as a Rest Tea. We name it as Joy Tea when we are happy. We have a definition of one glass of tea corresponding to every situation of our souls. Tea is a symbol for Turkish hospitality…
While me and my friends from aboard sailing around Kaş (Phelos- one of my favourite place in Turkey) we had this conversation. They told me “Tea is very important for you Turks; you drink tea while you laugh, you settle down with a glass of tea after a quarrel…” Thus it came out the name of our album “Turkish Tea Jazz Suite”

I have performed concerts all over the world. I have played several compositions of composers sometimes with orchestras and sometimes in chamber. After a while to play something different I have begun to make arrangements.. During these trials my own compositions began to show up. In two or three months these compositions in harmony formed a jazz sound album.

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